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To be honest I was a little skeptical at first about how easy Algebrator would be. But it really is the easiest program to get up and running. I was learning algebra within minutes of downloading the software.
Maria Chavez, TX

No offense, but Ive always thought that math, especially algebra, just pretty much, well, was useless my whole life. Now that I get it, I have a whole new appreciation for its purpose and need in todays technological world! Plus, I can now honestly pursue my dream of being a video game creator and I probably would have realized too late that, without advanced math, you just cant do it!
Mary Brown, ND

I can't say enough wonderful things about the software. It has helped my son and I do well in our beginning algebra class. Currently, he and I are taking the same algebra class at our local community college. Not only does the software help us solve equations but it has also helped us work together as a team. Thank you!
Sandy Ketchum, AL

If you dont have the money to pay a home tutor then the Algebrator is what you need and believe me, it does all a tutor would do and probably even more.
Margret Dixx, AL

I use this great program for my Algebra lessons, maximize the program and use it as a blackboard. Students just love Algebrator presentations
Tom Sandy, NE

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