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One of the best features of this program is the ability to see as many or as few steps in a problem as the child needs to get it. As a parent, I am delighted, because now there are no more late nights having to help the kids with their math for me.
David Aguilar, CA

Good job! I feel this version is MUCH easier to use than the older version. What I have seen looks like a major step forward to users like me.
Jessie James, AK

I have two children that are average students. They do fine in most subjects but math has always stumped them. They found your algebra software to be like an in-home tutor. Im happy to say their marks are finally going up.
Keith Erich Johnston, KS

I'm not much of a math wiz but the Algebrator helps me out with fractions and other stuff I need to know for my math appreciation class in college.
Patricia Blackwell, NJ

I would like to thank the creator for preparing such a tremendous piece of software. It has made algebra simple by providing expert assistance with fractions and equations.
Dan Jadden, CO

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