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I am very much relieved to see my son doing well in Algebra. He was always making mistakes, as his concepts of arithmetic were not at all clear. Then I decided to buy Algebrator. I was amazed to see the change in him. Now he enjoys his mathematics and the mistakes are considerably reduced.
Jeff Kasten, MI

I just wanted to tell you that I just purchased your program and it is unbelievable! Thank you so much for developing such a program. By the way, I recently sent you an email telling you that I had purchased PAT (personal algebra tutor) and am very unhappy with it.
Bim Oyadare, FL

I need help with complex numbers and polynomials, but couldn't find a tutor. Someone suggested the Algebrator software. The software is great!, it's like having my own math professor. Thank you!
Steve Canter, CA

I needed to test out of algebra to satisfy the entrance requirements for school. Algebrator saved me. Thank you!
Lucy, GA

My son was in a major car wreak and was homebound for several months. I feared that he would fall behind in his classes. His math teacher recommended Algebrator, which literally took him through each problem step by step. Once my son was able to return to school, he had a better understanding of math then before he left. I would recommend this software to anyone!
Leilani Jekar, CA

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