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My former algebra tutor got impatient whenever I couldn't figure out an equation. I eventually got tired of her so I decided to try the software. I'm so impressed with it! I can't stress enough how great it is!
Don Copeland, CA

My son was always coaxing me to keep a tutor for doing algebra homework. Then, a friend of mine told me about this software 'Algebrator'. Initially, I was a bit hesitant as I was having apprehension about its lack of human interaction which usually a tutor has. However, I asked my son to give it a try. And, I was quite surprised to find that he developed liking of this software. I can not tell why as I am not from math background and I have forgotten my school algebra. But, I can see that my son is comfortable with the subject now.
Peter Goodman, TN

As a mother who is both a research scientist and a company president (we do early ADME Tox analyses for the drug-discovery industry), I am very concerned about my daughters math education. Your algebra software was tremendously helpful for her. Its patient, full explanations were nearly what one would get with a professional tutor, but far more convenient and, needless to say, less expensive.
Linda Hodges, SC

This is the program I have been waiting for... it really is speeding up my algebra assignment completions.
Stephanie Cummings, AZ

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