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College Algebra and trigonometry


Dr. leo chouinard, ph.d.
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Professor Chouinard joined the UNL Department of Mathematics in 1976. Since 1990, he has served as the coordinator of the mathematics placement process at UNL. Prior to coming to UNL, his mathematics background included a B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Ph.D. from Princeton University, and two years faculty experience at the University of Kansas.
Course Description
MATH 103 prepares students for the first semester of a calculus sequence for science majors. This course presents equations and inequalities; functions and graphing techniques including polynomial and rational, exponential and logarithmic, composition and inverses; trigonometric functions and their inverses; trigonometric identities, polar coordinates and conic sections and systems of linear equations in two and three variables.

Course Prerequisite: Two years high school algebra and one year high school geometry

Course Objectives
1. Solve first and second degree and rational equations and inequalities.
2. Understand and effectively use multiple representations of functions, especially as they apply to the functions in this course.
3. Understand and effectively use composition of functions and inverse functions as well as polar coordinates.
4. Understand exponential and logarithmic functions and effectively use them in applications.
5. Understand the circular and triangle definitions of the trigonometric functions and effectively use them in applications.
6. Know and apply the trigonometric identities for angle sums and double angles.
7. Know the Cartesian and polar form of the conic equations and be able to transform a general quadratic equation into its standard conic form.
8. Solve systems of linear equations in two and three variables.

Course Components
• Live Online Discussions Using Breeze Software
• 10 Quizzes
• Written Project
• Four Exams

Technology Requirements
Must meet EDU requirements.
Access to Internet and e-mail required.