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Intermediate Algebra Course Description


This is a modification of MCS 0054 as an online course through a software package,
“Interactive Video Skill builder CD for Intermediate Algebra”. This course is intended as a
developmental course for students who need instruction in basic concepts. Topics covered
include solving linear, quadratic, rational, and absolute value equations and inequalities, an
introduction to exponential and logarithmic functions, graphs of linear and quadratic
functions, rational expressions, exponents, radicals, complex numbers, solving systems of
linear equations. Techniques of problem solving and applications are included throughout the


Your course is a highly interactive course in which you will spend your time in front of a
computer with pencil and paper. You are to listen and read explanations through CD-ROM
videos and recorded streaming videos from your instructor, to try examples, and to take
practice quizzes on the computer at a pace, which is comfortable and successful for you. You
will record your homework assignment scores on the homework excel sheet found under the
documents (blackboard). This is an online course and the online meetings will be done in an
asynchronous fashion, which means at times that are convenient to each individual student.
You will not be required to “log-on “to Blackboard at any pre-set times. It is up to each
individual student to select the times and days of the week in which to participate .In this
course you will have an opportunity to demonstrate the ability to be self-motivated, do their
best work, be active and responsible learners and develop strong mathematics skills necessary
for the next math course. The instructor will have review sessions for the exams through
Streaming Video.


 1. To develop in students a deeper and broader understanding of algebraic concepts,
principles and methods than what is achieved in MCS0035.
 2. To develop in students in intermediate algebra skills necessary for success in subsequent
mathematics courses and other courses requiring mathematical skills.
 3. To develop in students the problem-solving skills needed to interpret, analyze and solve
problems requiring intermediate-level algebraic skills.


 Chapter 1 A Review of Basic Algebra (1.3,1.5, 1.6)
 Chapter 2 Graphs, Equations of Lines, and Functions (2.1-2.5)
 Chapter 3 Systems of Equations (3.1-3.3)
 Chapter 4 Inequalities (4.1-4.5)
 Chapter 5 Polynomials and Factoring (5.1-5.8)
 Chapter 6 Rational Expressions (6.1-6.7)
 Chapter 7 Radicals and Rational Exponents (7.1-7.7)
 Chapter 8 Quadratic Functions, Inequalities, (8.1-8.7)
 Chapter 9 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions (9.1, 9.3)
 Chapter 10 Conic Sections (10.1-10.3)