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Introductory Algebra

Course Description:
An introduction to algebra. Topics included are properties of whole numbers, integer and rational numbers, solving equations, polynomials, factoring, systems of equations and graphs.
Three hours per week. 3 load hours, 0 credits

This course, Introductory Algebra, is approximately equivalent to the first year of high school algebra and is the first of two sequential courses in algebra taught at Chesapeake College in preparation for college level mathematics courses. Students must complete Mat 031. Most students must also complete Mat 032 in order to gain entry to the credit level mathematics courses.

In addition to the lectures, the average student should plan to spend six hours outside of class each week (2 hours for every hour spent in class).

Students whose attendance is sporadic often so not do well because of the nature of the course. In addition, since attendance counts 100 points of the student’s final grade, it is in the best interest of each student to be present at every class session. If you find yourself unable to keep up with the class, be sure to make an appointment to see the instructor outside of class time as soon as possible.

NOTE: College policy prohibits young children from accompanying parents to class.

This course consists of chapters 3 ‐ 4 and 6 – 9 in the on‐line textbook. The numerical final course grade will be computed as indicated in the following distribution, and letter grades will be assigned as follows.

Components of Final Grade‐ Points

Letter Grade‐ Points

Attendance 100 A: 900 ‐ 1000
On‐line Section Quizzes 50 B: 800 ‐ 899
On‐line Post Tests 150 C: 700 ‐ 799
In‐Class Exams 500 F: less than 699
Final Examination 200  

* “D” grades are not given in any developmental class at Chesapeake College

In addition to the on‐line quizzes and post tests that each student will complete as they proceed through the course. There will be an instructor prepared test after each chapter and a comprehensive departmental final exam. Students may take only one instructor prepared test per week. Furthermore all quizzes and the post‐test for each chapter must be completed prior to the beginning of the final exam period. Only one instructor prepared test may be taken during final exam week. Students may not use cell phone calculators for the instructor prepared tests.

Classroom Etiquette:
It is assumed that all students will respect each others rights fully. To that end, it is expected that students will not engage in behaviors that distract not only the instructor but also their fellow classmates.
Students who engage in activities such as talking to each others, talking on cell phones or text messaging, visiting websites not associated with this course, leaving class for non‐emergency needs, will be asked to leave.
Cell phones, ipods, and other electronic devices must be turned off and out‐of‐sight. Students who violate this policy will be asked to leave the class for the day. I expect that all of my students will behave in an adult, respectful and professional manner.

Course Objectives:
At the completion of the course the student will be able to:
• Perform arithmetic operations with real numbers
• Solve linear equations of all types
• Solve linear inequalities
• Simplify exponential expressions
• Add, subtract, multiply and divide polynomials
• Graph linear equations
• Given sufficient information, write the equation of a line
• Solve a system of equations by graphing, substitution and elimination
• Solve application problems of all types
• Factor polynomials

Tentative Course Outline

Chapter Title
Three Algebraic Expressions
Four Basic Operations with Polynomials
Six Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities
Seven Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities
Eight Systems of Linear Equations
Nine Factoring Polynomials

Final Exam: Tuesday May 12, 2009 8:30 – 10:30 TBA.

Please see course calendar in WebCt for a daily detailed schedule of sections to be completed.